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Poor Mans Downrigger


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Hi all. I am looking to chase rats in pittwater and light offshore in a smallish Quintrex.

I have made up some Downrigger rigs using 50LB leader.

Running swivel on mainline with leader attached (50 ish cm) for my snapper lead.

I then have another swivel attaching braid mainline to leader which I was going to run at around 3 metres.

This swivel stops the sinker from getting too close to the bait.

Towing live yakka with the single hook rubber band through front of eye socket rig.

Will this setup work, and if not any advice on the best approach (apart from buying a dedicated downrigger at this stage) greatly appreciated.

I have seen the sinker to main line with rubber band method also but was not a big fan.

Again happy to be corrected as a day out on the water is not getting any cheaper and I want to be giving my boy the best chance of a hook up.


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The rig will work but the sinker will struggle to keep the bait down in the water column unless you are crawling along. I do something similar on my kayak but just have heavy lead weight on heavy gear. See this article: 


If you are not happy with the rubber band you can buy the Scotty clip itself as they are not stupidly expensive.


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If you are patient, second hand downriggers come up on FB market place and thE Bay for not silly money.


I tried all manner of gerry rigged attempts (none of which made it past testing in my pool) before deciding that there isn't really a substitute for a downrigger.  I agree that a day out on the water isn't getting any cheaper, but I take the in for a penny in for a pound approach.  Life is too short (weekends even more so!) to be shouting at non-functional gear when I want to be catching fish.


Now I just need to find a way to get my boat out of the swimming pool...



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This is what I used before I got a proper downrigger.

It's just a alvey deck winch on a very short stiff cheap rod home made bomb and a cheap release clip 100lb braid and a loop of heavy leader to use as a stop when depth is reached.

Worked very well.

Once you get to learn how to use them you will get to like them.





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