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Project update


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Well it's a sort of update. I have drawn some rough ideas of what I intend to do to the Quintrex tinnie I have as a project boat.

The boat as it sits


Roughtly what I intend to do, cut out section of front bow add wide side gunwales make storage under each side gunwale make rear cast deck to hold batteries and fuel tank bilge pump deck wash etc


Fit floor make and install front cast deck with loads of storage and make and fit side console. Motorguide bow mount electric will be on bow.


Don't know if I will go with blue carpet or grey boat will be gunmetal silver inside and out with possible white trimmings.

Haven't decided on seating layout yet.

Open to any ideas that anyone may have for improvements.


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I don't have any suggestions for the build Frank. I guess the outcomes will be decided by what the end use of the vessel will be. I know that you will do whatever is needed to deliver the best possible outcome toward the finished product.

I would like to add my warmest wishes to you and Val for a peaceful Christmas followed by a New Year that allows you to continue doing the things you are good at. I am hopeful that I will be able to visit you in the early part of 2024. Till then keep on keeping on.

Cheers, Neil

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