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    By accessing this forum you agree to adhere to the following rules and the DECKEE Terms of Use.

    1. No abusive or threatening posts or private messages, or references to abusive or threatening actions or behaviours. Inciting arguments or personal attacks are not tolerated.
    2. No posts that are discriminatory or of a degrading nature to any person, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.
    3. No posts that are detrimental to any businesses, organisations, or other websites.
    4. No posts that link to other forums, unless pre-approved by a Community Moderator. 
    5. No posts that include any kind of pornographic material.
    6. No posts that promote a business, or advertise products or services that are not associated with or approved by DECKEE. Links to a third-party website for the purpose of educating users on a particular product (e.g. lifejacket or fishing reel) are allowed.
    7. No posts on illegal fishing activity, such as illegal methods, protected fishing zones, bag limits, undersized fish, vigilante behaviour, or photos of illegal captures.
    8. No posts or photos about spearfishing, bow and arrows, or crossbows. 
    9. No posts containing criticism of legal catches or inappropriate imposing of Catch and Release views.
    10. No posts about any boat charter operators unless associated with or approved by DECKEE. Private messages are allowed if solicited by the recipient.
    11. No posts that include photos which have been altered in any way or include advertising links. If you are concerned about disclosing the location, identity of people, or other elements in a photo, then do not post the photo.
    12. No business or organisation logos used in member avatars unless associated with or pre-approved by DECKEE.
    13. No advertising links or brand names in member signatures unless you are associated with or pre-approved by DECKEE. Advertising links or business names can be displayed in member profiles.
    14. Any member who posts derogatory comments about the Community Forum or Community Moderators on any other website may be banned without warning. Legal action may be considered by DECKEE depending on the severity of the actions.
    15. Any posts concerning Swap and Sell items are to appear in the designated forum only and must comply with Swap and Sell rules. Swap and Sell is only available to members who have made 20 or more posts.



    The DECKEE community forum is a free, online space for members to exchange information about boating, fishing, and being on the water. The forum is open to members of all ages, and welcomes those new to the lifestyle right through to experienced boaters and anglers.

    The forum is owned and operated by DECKEE, and is monitored by a dedicated team of Community Moderators. All members also have the ability to flag and report any post that they believe may breach the Terms of Use.

    Any posts in breach of the Terms of Use will be removed. Any doubtful posts may be temporarily removed until they can be reviewed in accordance with the Terms of Use. If you would like to dispute the removal of a post, please contact a Community Moderator and provide references to the Terms of Use to substantiate your view.

    Members that breach the Terms of Use may be notified by private message in the first instance, and then be banned temporarily or permanently from the forum if they continue to breach the Terms of Use. If a ban occurs, the decision is final and cannot be changed. If you are unsure about something you would like to post and if it will breach the rules, please check with a Community Moderator before posting.

    You are solely responsible for what you post on the forum. DECKEE does not accept any responsibility for material posted on the site. Possible legal consequences regarding defamatory or offensive material apply to all members. All forum posts, IP addresses, times and dates are logged and archived. DECKEE is bound by law to make this information available to law enforcement agencies if requested.


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