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Rod and reel for kingfish/jewfish/smaller gt


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I have been fishing for a while on and off but have never targeted anything that large, mostly bream and whiting, however I have decided that i would like to go for some larger fish and am looking for an all round setup that i can use for some spinning with soft plastics as well as poppers and live baiting around sydney harbour and off the rocks. Budget isnt too much of an issue as long as it comes out less than around 800-900. I would not be going on a boat with this rod and thus need a longer rod for casting distance what sort of combos do people recommend?

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Hey @leo, I don’t think you can go past a Shimano Saragossa in 8000-10000 size (spooled with 65lb braid & minimum 50lbleader) as a reel. I only boat fish for Kingies, so rods I use (Daiwa demon blood CJ64, Shimano Terez) are under 7’ so I’ll leave suggestions on rods for rock fishing to others.

Hope this helps.

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