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Night squidding with LED onshore?

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Hi all!

A question regarding squid fishing at night. All the bridges & jetties are pretty crowded these days, so I thought whether the following would work. What if I get a LED light (like <link removed> for example, 300 lm seems pretty high), position it to point into the water (at an otherwise OK squid fishing spot with no other bright lights around)? Would that be enough to attract squid or it's too pathetic of an attempt? Anyone tried anything like this?


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Just buy glow in the dark squid jigs and a UV torch and cover ground. Personally I think people put too much stock in fishing at lit up areas. Not to say you won't get squid turning up there but that the lighting is a magic elixer which will bring all the squid in to that location is probably a bit of a myth.

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My 2c on this is there isn’t one pro boat on the east coast, long line or otherwise that doesn’t hang some sort of bright light over the side when “baiting up” at night, chasing squid, slimies, yakkas or whatever, so there must be something in it.

I spent a bit of time on a pro-kingfish boat many years ago. They’d pull up in Jervis Bay, hang the lights over in quite deep water and within minutes have all sorts of fascinating critters in the beam, including squid, crabs and all types of baitfish.

It’s worth a go if you’re willing to go to the trouble I’d say. It seems to kickstart the food chain.

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