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  1. Still cheaper than ‘Hawkesbury squid’
  2. nice bag. they look quite happy to be in your possession, again
  3. slowly but surely the clowns who run the country continue to lock down fishing, weather its knee jerk reactions like this, marine & sanctuary parks (& also hunting, national parks and basic enjoyment of the outdoors) Keep us all wrapped up in bubble wrap, confined to the city's ideally in a apartment being as "green" as possible while Politian's & celebs fly around in private jets. One small step at a time, how much longer will we allow these "laws" be passed. before you know it you'll not even be able to keep anything for a feed.
  4. Not a huge fan of tailor, plus you’re only allowed to have gas related fires on the beach for some odd reason. Not like anyone adheres to that rule as I see burnt wood all over the beach. I did give it a thought chucking it out as some strip bait. I have only been doing heaps of squidding in the kayak and on land on various jetty’s in the hacking the last month or so, gathering bait for trips like this Didn’t get a single drop of rain from that storm, so I just had a nice light show to look at and a nice offshore breeze
  5. futures looking very good for them!
  6. Gday, headed up to Stockton on Thursday with the goal of nice sized mully. arrived on the beach at 1pm. The weather was quite gusty and constant dirzzle. After i found some nice structure to fish in, the first casts went untouched but i did find a few cockles and threw a few out for nothing. As the sun set the wind dropped off to complete still and the bite picked up with 2 small tailor in the 40cm range and 2 shovel nose and a endless supply of undersized mullys. They were very persistent with bites just seconds after casting. Stopped fishing by 9pm and even removed burly bag in attempt to get rid of them. threw my line out again at midnight for more undersized jewies so i called it a night. Ended up with 9 mullys in total but alot of lost fish & missed bites. Day 2, i didn't do much fishing at all though out the day. Had my first cast at 3pm as some pretty solid storms rolled by just to the south of me, using some half pilchards which wielded small salmon in the 40cm range and a couple dart, as late arfternoon came around i changed my focus to target some smaller mullys on 1 rod and have the other one out "just in case" theres a bigger one. again much like the previous night there was nonstop action as the sun set with small jewie after jewie, with the odd 50cm tailor and bite offs from said tailor. I had approximately 1-1.5kg of squid left and that was all gone by 11pm. On the second night i ended up with 27 undersized mullys, All of which were 40-60cm, It was all good fun, especially the multiple double hookups i had thorough out the night. The total for the trip was 4 tailor, 2 dart, 36 undersized mulloway & 2 salmon.
  7. Awesome time away from the city, fish or no fish. Love the setup, in-fact your making me quite jealous. Leaves us on a cliff hanger for part 2. Looking forward to it
  8. The most exposed area for me is the region just above my pants waste line. Never sees the sun and when it dose from bending over and the shirt is lifted up slightly, when that area gets burnt, I’m not sitting down for a few days.
  9. I pulled one out in SA was like 50cm long and about 7mm thick. Absolute snake. $3 a worm and you don’t get to choose how big they are unless you’re good friends with the tackle shop and they give you the bigger ones from the batch. Still better then pulling them out yourself and punching the sand every time you fail
  10. Typical silly government. The bloke who speared the grouper was already breaking the law, so what would these changes even achieve?
  11. I’ve pulled a few out, only after learning alongside a commercial beachwormer by complete chance. The biggest problem for me is timing of the waves. Once they latch onto your bait you want to grab them and pull them out in one quick movement, if you don’t they will pull themselvs back into the hole. I wouldn’t consider myself good enough at beach worming to give out lessons though. Remember, they are blind
  12. Nice rig, and nice caravan too. Dream setup, traveling all around oz. How did the poly craft fair reliability wise, was looking to buy one
  13. i squid with a light, the light attracts bait fish which in turn dose bring up quite a few squid.
  14. I’ve seen you in quite a few spots haha, ether way, always next time
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