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What's it worth......


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Hi all,

Asking for a friend.....

But seriously, one of my best mates passed away little while back, leaving his boat to his daughter.

I thought that I might buy it, if it was offered to me, by combining resources with another mate.

Sadly my other mate passed unexpectedly and the boat will come on the market soon - I can't justify owning 3 boats despite wanting my mates boat for sentimental reasons.

So I  have been asked what I  think it is worth and whilst I  have some idea, the forum may be more impartial ....let's see what you think.....

The boat is a TABS 6m Ocean series with a 150hp merc on the back.

I don't know for sure but I  estimate pre 2010 build and in fair condition for its age.

Does anyone have any familiarity with this type of boat? What sort of price range do you think is market?IMG_0738.thumb.JPG.1b03f7b93c52e8e4ea73f887589092e3.JPG

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Do you have any more info on the outboard, is it an old school carbie or fuel injected 2 stroke? Doesn't look like an Optimax and too old to be four stroke. Is there a trailer and if so how does it look? Hard to put a number on without a bit more details.

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Unfortunately I  don't have that much to go on.

Was definitely on a good trailer when I  saw it last.

I seem to recall that it's a 2 stroke, it has cowling protector on it so the model is not obvious from photos I have.

At this stage I looking for a range, as I  have some ideas, but hard to test when there's nothing equivalent on the 'for Sale' sites.

Mates daughter is O/S at the moment, so won't be able to add any information for a couple of weeks.


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