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Hawkesbury Catfish


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Hey all,

Call me lucky, but in all the years I have fished the Hawkesbury, I have never caught a catfish! After hearing fishos complain about it for years, I came to the belief that this was a good thing.

Come this year, don't ask me why, but all of a sudden I feel like I've missed out on something! So I've resolved to catch myself just one catfish to see what the complaining I hear is all about.

When do people most often come across Catties? Do they get them when going for bream or fishing for jewies?

Catfish on SPs? :1prop:

Just something to add to my species-to-catch list for the new year!


**sorry mods I've misplaced this post - would you be able to move it to fishing chat?

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Guest lbgking

Mate you can gladly catch 2 dozen of the mongrels and take my yearly quota. I have caught them and Eels on live and dead baits usualy at night while targeting Jew's. The railway bridge seems to be the worst place for them.

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To each their own I suppose :biggrin2:

Catfish just love the big tides & a bait that is heavily weighted so it doesn't move about much & yeh between the road & rail bridges can be a real catfish hotspot.

Make sure you take pictures of your cats err I mean catch & post a report :biggrin2: We all love to see someone get a new species :biggrin2:

I can give you tips & locations for Pike Eels , Numbfish, Boneheads & Brown Rays if the need ever comes up :biggrin2::biggrin2:

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I've caught my fair share of catties while bait fishing at night for bream in Newcastle harbour. After you've berleyed for a while they can show up in large numbers and make a nuisance of themselves.

Funnily enough the berley I was using had cat food as one of the ingredients, so that probably attracted them to my spot. :1prop::biggrin2:



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Now thats a first!!!

Ive probably caught hundreds them over the years (along with eels and rays) on all sorts of baits but by far and away ive caught most on prawns while targeting bream around the bridges and upstream from there. Normally you'll know if theyre around quickly and once you catch one they just keep coming :ranting2:

They fight like a wet sock, look like a turd with whiskers and pinch hard earned baits from the good species. But hey, if you really want em go for your life, good luck with your mission :biggrin2:

Now that i think about it ive only caught maybe three this year so it seems theyre not around in plague proportions at the moment ( i know, ive just cursed myself and will probably bag out on em next trip)

P.S, while your at it you might just get lucky and score yourself some of the million and one eels in the river :074:

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