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Shark Help Needed...

Tony Soprano

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Gday everyone, basically I'm pretty keen to catch a shark, be it a mako, hammerhead or whaler and I'm just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on where to start...

Most likely I will be fishing the broken bay area and any info regarding rigs, baits, where I'm most likely to encounter one or any other helpful hints would be much appreciated...



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Mako's will usually take any fish baits or a knucklehead lure trolled at 8 or 9 knots.

Most sharks will take any fish baits i think.

dont know much about location though. something about the continental shelf off nsw for mako's. and around estuaries for hammerhead.

hope that helped.

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Thanks Rob...

Any ideas on how heavy a trace to use or hook size?

Hi Tony , dont go playing with the big bities unless you have an experienced mate with you as they can be very nasty and you can get into a lot of trouble .Especially BIG TIGERS and Large MAKOS

Cheers Swordfisherman

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Big smelly slabs of bait like mullet, tailor and salmon would be good but im sure they wouldnt be to fussed if a decent size live bait was put in front them either

Like Swordfisherman said be very carefull on how you go by catching and handling them and make sure the boat you are in is of decent size as they have plenty of ticker and they just keep going once beside or inside the boat..

Broken bay seems to full of them at the moment

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i cant seem to escape the little blokes at most spots in the Hawkesbury from Berowra Creek up to Juno. I have been getting them as bycatch targeting jewies on squid baits, 6/0s and 40lb mono trace. Ive encountered 3 hammerheads, about a dozen whalers plus the usual Port Jacksons and shovelnoses.

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You should buy the curent issue of Bluewater mag as it has a article on shark fishing.

In simple terms, you need the following

A boat (minimum of 21 feet) if your after big sharks eg 200kg plus

Fish the shelf 100 fathoms back to the 80 fathom line

About 150kg of burley minimum, mullet is great

A 30ft wire trace say 1000ld to 1500lb breaking strain with a 16/0 or 18/0 hook. These can be purchased from good tackle stores

2 X flying gaffs

Tail rope

A 15kg Gamefishing reel and rod with a minimum of 700m of pre test line

At least 3 other people to assist you

A lot of team work

You could also join a gamefishing club such as Broken Bay who have a few boats who fish for sharks and become part of a crew

Are you after a shark like this tiger shark 348kg on 15kg line class. (A goodie but an oldie caught bach in 82)

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Hey that's more like it guys!!

Thanks for all the responses so far, they have been very helpful...

And yes, believe me I have a lot of respect for these creatures so I'm not going to go out and try and catch JAWS 4, at least not anytime soon... :1prop:

I'm basically interested in makoes, hammerheads and whalers up to about 50kg, nothing much bigger for now...

So as to limit the size of potential hook ups, whats a good hook size to use for biteys up to this weight?

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