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  1. Great job putting that all together Troy
  2. Great stuff mate Wish I could do that before work
  3. That's a great effort on 2kg......well done
  4. Apologies....a few glitches in uploading.....should be up later today
  5. A well over 20 kg fish easy......for most a fish of a life time....love it
  6. Great fish mate........a 90+ is coming for you soon for sure...
  7. Editing is complete and all going well will be uploaded tonight and available to view tomorrow
  8. Hey swano, good to here from you mate.......yeah she's out there somewhere.
  9. All fish were caught on Nitro Baby Vipers.... They are a 3-6 kg rod....we explain why we use this weight of rod in the video. I had a 4000 Stella on one and a older model 4000 sustain on the other.. Cheers
  10. Hey mate. The water clarity was pretty good. The release shot was were the fish was caught so you can see its fairly clear. They actually look darker in the shots than they were..
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