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  1. I know how he feels. Hope he was insured
  2. welll done mate & a great report to boot!
  3. You cant put the carp back - they are a noxious pest - got to kill'em.
  4. Perch are a restricted fish although most are down Murry/Darling area but re stocked in many dams. You could help rid us of all the Carp in the Parramatta, Nepean & Hawksbury Rivers. Close to you - Parramatta, Penrith & out through Windsor would be close for you. Also have a look at the Dept of Primary Industries web site.
  5. Dusky

    sold my boat

    It was with great regret that I was forced to sell my beloved little cuddy cab "Dusky" I know she has gone to a good home. back to land based & bludging a ride I guess
  6. That probably the one that wanted to have me for lunch last year
  7. Sweetheart I was so busy telling you WELL DONE that I forgot to post my congratulations for all to see!
  8. & dont forget to mention Keep alert when on the water. Lucky you were but the skipper of the other boat needs to re think his attitude while being in charge of a vessel
  9. Sweetheart I had a great day - thank you. Yep hard body & wickedly sexy smile - I have it all! thank you & yes I was spoiled - however not fishing gear this year - it was my other passion/addiction hunting this time
  10. Dusky


    Damm I could have used one of those in a past life - but now with cat-as-trophy, well we are both mad on fishing, so ALL's GREAT
  11. who really cares if they work or not - its just an excuse to go fishing
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