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  1. Oh cool the 3 red fish are Red Rock Cod? i caught a few of them and have always thrown it back. How are they eating?
  2. What fish are the red ones with the spikes as welll as the little red ones with the black strip?
  3. Hi With the current situation can we still go fishing? especially hawks bury etc?
  4. Oh man that’s no good especially the allergies might have to give it a miss this weekend then and wait for the water to clear up a bit more. No one seems to be catching much. let me know how u go tomorrow.
  5. Is it worth heading out this weekend for a fish or is the river still full of debris? Wanted to head out tomorrow?
  6. Thanks mate cant wait to use it
  7. Hey guys I upgraded to the FL 5000 and not having used either the Ci4 or the FK (which got delivered as well) its a sweet reel
  8. i ordered it and it came with free shipping in the Fk4000
  9. Hi All Seems like the stradic FK is on sale for $199 and if i had a option of purchasing a stradic FK for $199 or a CI4 for $199 which one would you go with and why. All my fishing is in saltwater and that will be form a boat or the beach
  10. Are they still around worth making a trip from Sydney this weekend????
  11. skirulz

    Bate Bay

    I drifted over an hour at hawksbury to only get 1
  12. skirulz

    Bate Bay

    What depth were they in
  13. I have a 2011 Optimax 115 on my boat and after servicing in June by TR marine and starting it twice over winter with Fuel that was treated by Stabil with 150 hours on the motor both the fuel pump (booster and low pressure died. I got to the boat ramp, put the boat in the water and tired starting but the motor cranked over and fired for a second and then just cranked over afterwards. Took it to TR marine and they advise that both the pumps are gone. Does this sound normal for optimax? Could this have been picked up during servicing in june?
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