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  1. Another great report and congratulations on the new rod! I've been eyeing on the shoregun series for my shore jigging setup for quite a while...
  2. Hi I'm trying to do a braid - light leader - heavier leader. I think a double uni will do on the light leader - heavier leader connection, just seeking if there is better knot and generally how heavy and long the "heavier" leader should be. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply @Steve0 @zmk1962 @mrsswordfisherman! Please accept my apology first as I made it confusing - I'm using fg knot to connect my braid mainline to flurocarbon leader now, mainly 6lb main to 4-8 fc leader. The issue is by-catches happen a lot when I'm using light lines where it's getting expensive quite quickly 😂. I heard there's some bream fishos would tie a short bite leader (like 20cm I guess?) in addition to the existing 4/6lbs flurocarbon leader. I'm seeking advice on what's the general rule on this trick. It's a good enforcement learning with all the details tho, really appreciate still !
  4. Some fish raiders mentioned bite leader on light setup which I finally down to give it try after quite some flathead by-catch destroyed my thin leader. Could someone please shed some light on how it should be done? Mono or fluro? How it's supposed to connect to the original thing leader? Which knot is preferred? How long/thick is optimal? Thanks in advance! PS. sorry for the confusion - I mean the bite leader tied in addition to the existing fc leader used by bream fishos to avoid flatty destroying thin lines. Not braid to leader
  5. Great catch! Sometimes fish just wanna break the lure rules I guess. I caught a bream on metal jig recently which seriously surprised me. And I was using 10lb leader!
  6. Exactly what I've experienced from my last session - 60-70cm flatty lost due to no net and leader snapped off while the final landing. Within the same session I also hooked either a king or huge Jew that SMOKED my 3000 fuego and finally pulled hook. As you said, that's fishing, all these facts make us addicted to it.
  7. That's a monster trev actually it could be one's PB for quite some time. But maybe not for you mate . You did a really good job fighting the fish I reckon! With our obsession with light tackles I do see it's a must for me to bring a net now. I lost a 60+ flathead right at my feet when my scuffed 8lb leader gave up lifting that chunky girl last weekend. And before that I lost quite a few really good fish in Rushcutters bay when I try to lift them from the rock wall. Oh man I still can remember how that lizard turned her huge head and slowly swam away from me...
  8. Sounds like another great session! And it's a stunning whiting on the new brag mat
  9. And it is LIGHT, my C3000 is only 220g with braid. Not Vanford level but better than Shimano non-CI4 offerings. And I believe it at least feels more rigid compared to CI4 reels. I love the idea of magseal - perfect for estuary fishing at least. I also learned the tiny bit heavier crank feeling is from the thickened magseal grease (Daiwa Japan has a service to remove magseal or ST series for high end finesse reels). On the other hand, I heard some heavy inshore/offshore people actually hate it due to needs of Daiwa exclusive maintainance. Not bothering me since it's relatively cheap, I just enjoy it as consumables.
  10. another crack session @linewetter! As for the squidgies, I found them a lot less durable than Zman/Rapala ones. Many of mine won't last more than 1 catch till they're ripped or tails bitten off. And not many of us are using Daiwa fuego here I just noticed - it's such a nice reel but I found the bail arm is a bit clunky or even self open under heavy load (when I tried flip the line trying to save a snag, but I never had a big fish giving this sudden big drag). Still I feels the drag is MUCH MUCH MORE linear and smooth than shimano low end reels
  11. wow what a great session! Congrats on the new PB bream! Personally I had better success with paddle tails and slow roll when things are quiet around upper Parra. But I have to admit I haven't gained enough confidence to say this in the harbour.
  12. Sounds like a fun session! If it comforts you, I lost @DerekD's bent minnow on the first cast when I was having the first session with him. Good side is I always open bail arm before casting now, 1000%.
  13. Nice catch! I visited Cremorne wharf today but it was deadly quiet. Spotted 5 kingies chasing my 3g vib tho but luckily they didn't commit - I was using my UL outfits at that time. However they're all gone after I switched to heavier gear
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