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  1. Yea makes sense mate , usually ledges I go down south are pretty high, much safer that way, thanks.
  2. If swell is 1 metre, would a 13 second period be ok? I was always just checking the swell height.
  3. Oh mate, I feel bad not going now hahah, good job man which bait?
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, could not make it today, hopefully sometime this week.
  5. Hi all, I'd like to go out fishing tonight off the rocks. But I've heard people say fishing while a full moon isn't productive. Is there any truths to this? And what have been your experiences? Thanks
  6. Yea it was near rocks, southern end of coacliff beach.
  7. Yes mate, quite a few of them, not sure if they are good eating though.
  8. Beautiful man, would have been a nice fight and singing drag!
  9. Hi guys, Headed down to coacliff beach near seacliff bridge tonight, arrived around 7 pm and set up. Wanted to head down to the rock fishing section but was with the Mrs and she couldn't make it all the way down to the spot. Normal rig, just a running sinker to swivel to leader and gang hook Pilly. Lots of bites, caught 4 small sharks, and 3 eastern kelpfish. Kept the kelpfish, to use as bait for the next session. Released all the sharks. Was hoping for an Australian salmon or similar but no luck tonight.
  10. Thank you for that mate, I was thinking low swell would be good, as is when rock fishing. But that might not be the case for beach fishing. Are there any beaches you know off that may be better?
  11. Hi all, Planning to go to Maroubra beach tonight with my Mrs for some fishing. Are there any good spots or gutters anyone knows about to use? I'm thinking just pilchards on gang hooks and rod holder with no float and use round ball sinker. Has anyone had any luck here? Any other beaches to recommend? Thank you
  12. Thanks mate, hoping to get a king on a livebait, have all the setup for it just need to get out there!
  13. Ah wow, I didn't realise that mate thank you ,definitely will wear shorts next time. Always use a life jacket now too and to be honest next time I won't go in such a high swell, it got a bit sketchy at times lol.
  14. Yes mate, I originally bought that mono to use as leader, but had spare left over and threw it onto a spare reel and just used it. It served well on this ledge as I was very high up and relied on the line strength not to snap while hoisting the fish up.
  15. Hi guys, Headed out to Kiama to a nice spot, this was last week, swell was 1.5 metres so not the best for fishing but managed to stay safe enough for a few hours. Used a halco twisty metal lure, hooked onto this nice Aussie salmon, put up a very good fight, best fish I've fought yet, the feeling of drag pulling is amazing. Was tough lifting it up the ledge as I was quite high up, but managed to do it alone and had 60lb mono. I am starting to love using lures, seems much more fun that just letting a float sit until it gets hit, when a lure gets hit it's just an amazing feeling, can't describe it. Can't wait for my first kingfish...
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