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  1. If you dont like the rules go fish somewhere else
  2. They have to be well cleaned of all the chrome and then pan fried fillets
  3. I have the hairtail bug again so off last night solo too Jerusalem bay and I was the only boat there until late in the night. I had a nice hammerhead swimming round the boat and tried to bait it and I thought I was on when the rod nearly got ripped out of the holder and after a short fight landed a reasonably good size mulloway. I got 4 hairies as well so a pretty good night
  4. nice meeting you guys and the fishing was awesome after the tide changed and we left em biting at 2 pm We got heaps off the surface and Johnno got a real nice one. Cheers Stewy
  5. I have been experimenting with my own soft plastics lately and colours and it has all finally come together after months and months of crap weather finally. I have had a few trips and with success I might add. The new five inch jerk shad mold is perfect for flatties and jews and the water has finally cleared up for some lure fishing. I have landed 3 jewies in the last two trips and dropped as many. I went out with Jonno yesterday hoping to get some kings but no squid for the second time and no kings on live yakkas it has been disappointing. We caught a few nice trevally a couple of bream and plenty of flatties. Thanks Jonno for a nice day out. Regards Stewy
  6. nice to finally go plastic fishing after hairtailing for months and with Donna coming along on such a nice day win win
  7. Awesome work Isabelle and Jonno what a way for Dad and daughter to enjoy each others company and catch some unbelievable fish. Did I mention she can talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles and she said to me "' are you popular Stewy "''I PISSED MYSELF LAUGHING INSIDE" . Great jew John and you played it like a pro 💪 OH I got a big donut
  8. Always good to see raiders on the water and thanks to your lovely mrs for our sausage on a roll went down a treat see you out there soon
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