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  1. Maybe i just get the 70mm and 95mm then. Curious, would the 95mm be too big for breams and whitings? What would you recommend for pelagics surface lures? Cheers.
  2. Yeah its not cheap so wanted to see if anyone had used it before.....do the sugarpens go up to 20g?
  3. Hi Raiders! Was given some gift cards for xmas and wanted to try out the MMD splash prawns and looking to get three. From my research i was going to get the 70mm (lime tiger) and 95mm (sunburnt jelly) but wasn't sure if I should get the 120mm! I know its too big for whiting and bream but wondered if they would be good for pelagics. The honey bee colour also looks good. Given they are 20g i should get quite a bit of distance and so tempted to give them a go. Anyone tried the 120mm and can provide any comments? Cheers
  4. Unfortunately the weather has put a spanner in the works and i wont be able to take the boys there today....
  5. @DerekD thanks for the call just then and the tips! Will report on how I go!
  6. Merry Christmas to you as well! Also wishing u a great 2024! Actually during my research i read a few of your posts and thanks for offering. I am pretty busy this week but will call u next week.
  7. Had a few hours free this morning while the misses went shopping so decided to visit manly dam as it was nearby. Never been there before but did some last minute research on fishraider and was going to chuck a spinnerbait (only had a rusted old one), berkerley scum dog and a shallow diver fat crank bait. Parked outside the park as its so expensive ($8 per hour) Used the spinnerbait first. Read supposed to retrieve as slow as possible but have it continue to spin. Had about 20 casts and managed to caught a small bass (or estuary perch?). First bass every caught! Took a pic and released. Then tried the crankbait but no interest. Every now and then casted too far and snagged in the weeds and lily pads. Finally tried the berkerley scum dog which is the first time I have used it. Continued to cast around the weed beds and then slowly walking it back and varying retrieve speed. Then as I was walking it from the weed beds it gets smashed. Unfortunately it's not a big one but just a 20cm red fin perch. Having said that it's the first time I caught something using surface lures so that was pretty cool. Then the rain came and was time to pickup the misses. Anyway great day to be out and will definitely be back at the dam again. If anyone fish there often could share some insight fishing at the dam that would be great: (A) thinking of getting some spinnerbaits, any recommendations on weight and colour? (B) when casting shorebased, do u aim to land it just infront or on the side of the lilypads or weedbeds? Quite a few times I cast straight into it and got snagged... (C) is there any point casting out into the middle of the lake? (D) planning on bringing my boys next time and they will use bait. Thinking of digging some earthworm as bait which i read is dynamite in the dam. Should I lob the bait right in the lilypads/weedbed or should I cast it next to them as if i was casting a lure? (E) BTW can u fish off the dam wall?
  8. Finally managed to kick off summer fishing. Went Sydney harbour fishing during lunch time today armed with some plastics and metal jigs and looking for some pelagic action like kingfish or salmon. Unfortunately didn't manage to find any pelagics but did bag a nice trev (at 46cm which is the biggest one I have caught) and a large flathead (50 cm). I do like the unpredictable nature of what you are able to catch. I also use a small backpack now which allows me to move around to cover more grounds. Both were caught on a 10g metal jig though surprised the flathead was interested in it as well. These small metal jigs are probably my favourite way of fishing during summer as they are so versatile and they cast so far. Hopefully the next report will be some pelagic actions! Cheers
  9. Thanks so much for sharing. I have just taken the bail arm off and followed the video you shared. My sienna only has the one hole and not the two in your screenshot but I think the spring loaded rod goes into that hole. Anyway i just need to respool the reel (had taken the line off couple of days ago) to take it out for a spin. Will report back!
  10. No problem will definitely provide an update! I have just followed the video shared with XD351 to reattach the bail arm and will see if that helps.
  11. Hi raiders I have a shimano sienna reel (about three years old now) where the bail arm flips back over when I cast. It doesn't happen all the time but happens often enough for it to be annoying. It also tends to cause windknots which further adds to the annoyance. I have a feeling its happened since i opened it up and to try to lub it. Anyway I know its not a technique issue as it doesn't happen with any of my other rods besides I cast using the method taught by derek! I am pretty sure i put everything back in its place but maybe I haven't?!? Anyway was wondering if anyone knows it would be still be covered by the shimano warranty (i think its 10 years) given I have opened it? I know with most goods warranty (eg electrical) is void once you remove the cover but not sure about reels. Cheers Gengar
  12. @DerekD absolute champion no doubt about it. I would still be stuck on casting out baits if I hadn't met Derek on that fateful day few years ago. I have had a pretty lean winter and spring so far but hoping it fires up over summer so I can put up a decent report or two! Still a newbie so not much advice i can give but love the advice of fellow raiders whenever I have a question! Cheers.
  13. Faker you read my mind! I am also going to Tokyo soon and had the same question. I found this article https://www.haurakigulffishing.co.nz/uncategorized/japan-if-you-like-buying-fishing-gear-come-and-visit/ that listed out the below stores. Not sure how old the article is but found that the Tokyo stores are still there. Also not sure what to get but hoping lures in Japan would be cheaper (eg OSP bent minnow). Shops in Osaka to visit Fishing 8 – MASSIVE Bun Bun – Very large Lure 1 Ban Seven Seas Tackle Berry Shops in Tokyo to visit Sansui Joshuya Pro Shop Mogi – Yokohama, not to far from Tokyo
  14. Always worth taking the rods and doing some research beforehand! Those damn carps are def good fighters which is why the kids had lots of fun. No wonder they are just a pest as can't imagine anything else eating them. We ended giving the carps to the gardener who will use it to feed the farm animals haha Never caught a freshwater fish on lures before so ticked that off the bucket list.
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