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  1. Nice. Is that a drummer or a luderick?
  2. I would love to use more expensive lures. Just need more time to build confidence. I haven’t lost a single one yet from the branded stuff I have but that is because I am using knock off's when prospecting. Aiming to get to your stage
  3. I heard someone needed rescuing there. But safe is relative term
  4. Interesting. I could try it with string weed. Or better yet freeze string weed
  5. this is ironic, i recall 1 year ago i was still too timid to go rock fishing and i have been slowly evolving into one in my chase for perlagics
  6. i am planning a trip there sometime mid march on week day but it depends on swell. if swell stinks i am off to narrabeen instead
  7. So the rumours are true that bream fisho bag quite a few flathead in bream comp as by catch
  8. @Steve0do you have any method of storing luderick weed for a month?
  9. That place is a death trap. My initial boots on the ground indicate that you can't get back if tide starts rising. There is one safe spot 2m up but you have to walk along cliff to get there
  10. what tide would you recommend for south curl curl? Dee why got dodgy after first platform.
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