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  1. Good to see the fish are still on the chew with the fresh. Ill let the tide flush out another week and then ill venture out.
  2. Mate they are everywhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i think im now upto 20lbs in lost sinkers in 4 weeks..... now on the search for some cheap lead!
  3. Yes it did! Crabs have been cooked, meat will extracted tomorrow for crab and corn soup
  4. Evening All. My window is starting to close for fishing. I have approx 3 more weeks to go and the misses will be 36 weeks preggo, so im jamming as much as i can in now. Went out with my brother this morning and his son (my nephew) approx 4am from Grays Point. Decided to chase some squid until Sunrise to no avail. We knew conditions were going to be cracker and we were excited for a big session, We push out through Bate bay and stop off towards voodoo point, drifting along the reef edge and the sand we were able to pick up 2 Trag, good size snapper and few flatties. All started to go quiet so we thought we would push out wide to about 60m. Dropped the lines over within 2mins bang! Green toads. Couldn't believe it again, these guys are like piranhas! So we headed back to wards Voodoo and Merries Reef as we were not loosing baits around there. Solid trip, and 8 crabs picked up on the way in going home..... PS Rather disappointing with the about of traffic in Grays point who don't do the 6 knots. One guy was doing at least 15knotts, and his dad was congratulating him at the ramp for his stupid antics..... Then you have 3 of those over powered tinnies click 15knotss and going around in circles. Someone is going to be killed there sooner or later. Few piccies for those who like.
  5. You could kinda make them out on the sounder once you’ve dropped your baits over. Then when you wind they just follow the rig up….
  6. Afternoon Raiders, Decided to change things up and head south for something a bit different. Proceeded to head off shore to about the 90m east of port Kembla and wanted to bottom bounce…. 2 blue movies were on board in 10mins, beauty thought its going to be easy. No. 95m= Green toads 85m = Green toads 75m = Green toads 65m = Green toads 55m = Green toads 45m = Green toads 35m = Green toads 25m = Green toads. After loosing 10 pounds in sinkers and endless about of hooks I called it quits and beat the traffic back to the ramp home This has surely got to be the worst season for Green toads surely….
  7. Good report. Pleasure meeting you this morning, had a feeling it was you. Least you nabbed some fish. Bigger set on you than me, I went out the entrance and turned around it was horrible, and it didn’t abate one bit. Those green puffers were everywhere the other day too, seem that they have set up camp out there. I’ll finish port Kembla tomorrow instead.
  8. Great Report mate! Love Blue eye! Don't see myself getting out there ever, don't think the 420 renegade will ever make it!
  9. Been hard to hit the mackeral this season, one day there on the next day the off completely. Where abouts on the coast were you trolling? Been some good fishing off SWR
  10. Evening. Ventured out into Bate bay this past 2 days. Saturday 23rd March Headed out to Bate Bay and was greeted with OK conditions. Aim was to head to osbourne Shoal and give it a crack. Off we left Grays point approx. 530am and at the heads by 6am. Upon getting halfway out all my alarms started going off indicating engine overheating, with a temperature of 101 degrees I've turned around and there's white smoke it appears from the engine, Jesus! Quickly turned this off. Then there we sat as the sun started to rise i knew this was going to go down hill fast. Raised the engine up had a look and noticed there was a thick cotton on bag stuck around my engine so this was blocking the intake and no water was reaching the thermostat. (No idea how long this was on there for) This trip included my brother and his son and we really wanted to test my nephew out with his sea legs and he didn't failed. Landed a nice panny snapper 32cm while we waited for the engine to cool down. Fished in the bay for about an hour and decided to turn the engine over, started no issues engine temp back down to 51 degrees. Decided all appears ok, no smoke, so lets go? Off we drove to the far side of Merries reef to a new area. Drifted what seems to be a reef rocky patch in 21 metres of water. Here we were able to land a cracker of a snapper and a fat blue mowie. Absolute stoked. Was about 930am decided to head home. Sunday 24th March. Conditions were suppose to be a Bath and they were in the bay, but the further you went out it was a good 1.5-2m swell with 1m-1.5m chop. Yuck. Went with the old man for a quick bash before nightshift tonight as i write this. We managed to grab 3 good size ocean flatties however the green toads are thick as, every spot we moved to and from we had our baits ripped off, the green toads even followed the baits all the way up, the even wanted a go at the sinkers..... Weird. Punched it home about 1030am,
  11. Great work mate! Crabs are always a bonus aren’t they!
  12. Its about time! Been having a horrible summer. Good to have the freezer full for the next 3months with the bubs on the way in 8 weeks
  13. Hi Neil. We were trolling Slimey Mackeral around.
  14. Evening All. Finally back at work tonight after what i can say was the best trip in 6 years of numerous attempts of quality fish at Nambucca Heads. I must admit the River is rather dead, we Fished the river again All day Tuesday for nothing but Mud Crabs. Wednesday and Thursday was out with my friends the Didios and we landed some good fish. Couple of spotted macks and Northern Blue fins....
  15. Evening. Have tried the search bar but havent found too much.. Heading to South west rocks next weeks for 3/4nights, Might even give the Nambucca river ago again... Not asking for exact spots but hoping someone could help me out with some live bait areas within the Macleay river via PM? Not to keen on offshore as i don't know the bar to well and the weather looks to be el crapo for it.... Poddies my aim, but happy with herrings also Appreciate any help
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