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  1. Hi Larkin. Fished with Nippers. No burley. Just lights lines on a good drift.
  2. Headed out yesterday with two mates and my son in pursuit of Whiting. Pumped nippers at Malanbar and decided to fish the channel for the first hour. Not much happening although we did get a triple hook up on Whiting as we hit a shallower sandy patch. Moved onto the flats like in previous weeks with immediate results. Managed our best bag yet with a total of 43 fish including 37 Whiting. I didn’t land many preferring to assist the crew in gathering a catch. My son also christened his new rod which he made at school in his year 9 elective “Marine Masters”. Finished up just after 12pm. May be time to target other species and mix things up a bit.
  3. Headed out Saturday and I was greeted by an unusually high frequency of waves rolling through the Hacking. Fished the main channel for 3 Leather jacket and 1 bream. There was an abundance of leather jacket present in the channel causing baits to disappear often without feeling a bite. This resulted in a move to the flats around 11am and that's when things changed. Ended up with 36 fish, 26 of which were Whiting. At least 4 fish over 40cm with the best going 43cm and very fat. It was a long day with a 3pm finish mainly due to the late high tide. Goes to show you don't always need to get up early to have a great days fishing.
  4. Hi Rob. Gave most of them away. Family aren't big fish eaters. Great time of year to be out fishing.
  5. Hey Yowie. That is very interesting. I only ever fished the bay till a few years ago because I didn't think the Hacking was productive. Now, I don't even consider fishing the bay. The Hacking is a lot cleaner as well.
  6. Started early Thursday morning with my son and two of his mates. Had a bucket full of nippers by about 6.30am and headed straight to the channel. Picked up 5 decent bream before things slowed down somewhat. Moved to the various sandbars in search of Whiting but things were very quiet with little movement or drift due to a non existent breeze. Persisted on the flats until about 10.30-11am when the run out tide and a slight breeze seemed to flick the "ON" switch. It was mayhem after that with fish after fish coming on board. The Whiting were huge with at least 4 above 40cm, the biggest going 43cm. Even the average was in the mid 30's. At about 1.30pm, we called it a day with the fish still biting. With 38 quality fish in the esky and many fish spitting the hook, it could have easily been 50. How quickly your fortunes can change. What seemed like being a very ordinary day changed into one of the best days fishing on the Hacking. My son and his mates won't forget this one.
  7. Well done Rob. Good to see you back on the water and catching quality fish.
  8. Hi Rob. Mainly on the flats. The deeper waters were a little quiet
  9. Hi Neil. 6lb line with sliding sinker (small as possible) and a small long shank hook.
  10. Headed out early and loaded up on the Nippers. Had a bucket full in short time and headed to the channel. Picked up the snapper which was right on 30cm, some bream, the jacket and flatties. Also had another flatty well over 70cm boat side before it spat the reddie it was holding on to. Moved on to the sand flats and picked up the rest of the catch. Nothing notable in terms of size but there were some solid fish. Biggest Whiting about 35cm. Biggest Flatty around 50cm and the Trevally around 44cm. 29 fish in total. All in all, a great days fishing in superb fishing conditions. Great time of year to be fishing the estuaries.
  11. Thanks Rob. We will definitely catch up for a fish this summer
  12. Definitely patchy. Was out a few weeks ago and didn't get much. Hopefully things keep improving.
  13. Yes. Definitely great variety. Let's hope it continues.
  14. Hi Faker. We were fishing from the boat.
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