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  1. Good stuff Yowie, still a very nice feed. Had a mate go out this morning with jigs and caught a few rat kings and trag on them. Also been catching a few kings inside gunammata and buraneer bays, seems the kings might be moving into the river finally.
  2. Great stuff Chris, always here if you need to give some fish away. Mum has been complaining about too much snapper, not enough variety. Well done
  3. Good stuff Yowie, still managed a feed in the murky stuff. I might've been fishing too far up the river a few days ago. Well done.
  4. Thanks mate, boats started to rock up the the jetty as we were leaving, timed it well. Thanks Chris, been a while since we have got a few this size. Usually all are around that 30-33 mark.
  5. Thanks mate, seemed very fussy, hopefully another time. Thanks Yowie, a lot chunkier fillets of this lot.
  6. Thanks Neil, great time of year to get out early. The lag between the end of daylight savings allows you to not get up too early and still catch the sunrise bite.
  7. Hello all, after not much fishing over the long weekend down south I decided to get out this morning for a quick fish. Headed out early in the dark up from Lilli Pilli and anchored up. Burleyed up and not much action before light with just one reddie. As soon as a bit of light came the fishing turned right on, with the reddies coming in thick and fast. Landed 3 of the 4 in the photo on the same piece of squid and dad landed the biggest reddie on pilly, personal best for him. Live yakkas went untouched and the squid kept producing. Landed a further 5 just over 30 but released as we had enough. No school soapies or tailor around even though there was more surface action than the last few trips. Whilst cleaning up the fish a kingfish came up in the scales and guts so dropped a live and squid head on him. After about a minute the livie went of, few runs then gone. All in all a good day, beat the rush of boats coming out.
  8. Well done Yowie, very nice bag there. Good feed again.
  9. Well done mate, good to get out. You are right with the first fish, it is a leatherjacket and the second appears to be a weed whiting although I am may be wrong. Shame about the big fish, potentially a kingfish or salmon or something along those lines. Hopefully more good sessions to come.
  10. Well done mate, love fishing the basin, probably the one place where the main species is flathead. Great to see it producing before I come down and have a crack in the coming weeks.
  11. Great stuff Chris, another great bag of fish. Trags around but also the crabs, have seen a lot lately.
  12. Great stuff Yowie, good feed there. Well done.
  13. Good to know there are a few squid around, might make for a few king and Jew sessions if I can get onto them.
  14. Well done Chris, great stuff yet again.
  15. Very nice Jew bob, well done.
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