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  1. Thanks thanks he definitely did thanks Not just me and my dad my brother and sister as well.
  2. After driving up to south west rocks on Thursday night we had a few days to do some fishing. The first we fished the back creek and caught plenty of fish and we kept 10 fish a mix of flathead bream and whiting. I had a go for blackfish but only lost a couple. The second day was very similar keeping 7 or 8 flathead and bream and also giving away a few. After seeing a few little muddies around the back creek we put a crab trap in on sunday morning and by the afternoon we had a blue swimmer and a few little mud crabs so we left it in overnight and got 3 good muddies plus one that was holding onto the the keeper net. Yesterday afternoon and this morning we went beach fishing and picked up a few whiting bream and a nice mullet. kobi
  3. Thanks thanks yes it might be a while thanks i realised after I got home that it was closed season but It was released anyway.
  4. Thanks mate thanks yowie thanks the bream we’re on 2kg the perch was on 8lb braid thanks thanks definitely was
  5. Yesterday I went down to the George’s to have a land based fish to start with I drifted unweighted prawns in the current picking up about 10-12 bream up to 30cm all released. After a couple of hours doing that I decided to have a flick of a soft plastic after about 10 minutes of casting I had a solid hit and after a very eratic fight I had my first estuary perch in the net. It went 45 to the tip and was around 1.7-2kg. Also thanks to @mrsswordfisherman for helping me reset my password.
  6. I went out with my brother and dad this morning the plan was to head down the coast and get some reef fish. First we went down the coast had and a troll getting 7-8 bonito and a couple of slimies in no time. We then headed down to some reefs further down the coast in about 50m of water and we couldn’t get past the leather jackets landing 9. We also managed to get a pig fish and a nice wrasse. The small flatties where thick but we struggled to land anything of any size only getting 3 legal size. We then had another reef fish in about 25-10 metres of water getting a couple of rock cod and plenty of wrasse and a wirrah. I had a few kings around 65-75cm follow my rig up but would only eat my sinker. Kobi
  7. Thanks, the bream where between 35 and 39 then one just legal but swallowed the hook. I still can’t get any Jews in the hacking you must catch them all. I know a few of Yowie spots but still don’t get as many fish as him, hopefully I’ll go one more time these holidays. The biggest one was about 10cm nose to back Thanks, certainly was. Thanks Thankyou
  8. I went out with my brother and my dad in the hacking this morning and was on the water by 6:20. We started in the deep water across from lilli pilli for a few small fish but was very quiet. Then we went and pumped some nippers and fished the flats which started of slow then picked when we went lilli pilli getting two decent bream. Then the fishing picked up and we got a nice flathead another good bream and we picked up two crabs along the way. Then the wind picked up and we were off the water by 130 with a nice feed. kobi
  9. Thanks, hopefully Thanks Yowie, just finished exams then got my next set of exams in a few weeks Thanks Isaac
  10. With the holidays starting I’ve had plenty of time to get out. On Saturday I went down to the George’s casting lures picking up a few undersized flatties and one legal. Then on Monday my brother and I went down to the Woronora river and got some small flatties and bream on prawn. Then today we went down to the George’s casting lures and prawn picking up three nice flatties and a five or six undersize fish plus a just under whiting. kobi
  11. I was down at gunnamatta this afternoon and there was was people swimming outside the nets with the huge shark nets next to them. I wouldn’t be swimming there. Nice fish Yowie
  12. Thanks, definitely is Thanks Thanks, the bream was actually my first on lure Thanks
  13. You seem to get plenty of Jews in the hacking I have only ever got two maybe I need to wake up earlier.
  14. We’ve gone out most days that we have been up at south west rocks. We have mostly fished in the arm with nippers, live baits and lures and we’ve been getting heaps of just legal flathead which where released. Every day we got a consistent stream of flathead and bream with the odd whiting thrown with also a few black spot cod aswell.The only person who had any luck with whiting was my sister getting two 35 and 31. kobi
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