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  1. I missed the idiotic part mate. Well done!
  2. I haven't been out much this season owing to a new addition of a baby to my family. I got a leave pass for 2 hours after dropping my parents to the Airport.The mouth of Cooks river is where I decided to try my luck. First cast at 8.30am, Sun Shining, bright blue Sydney skies. 6lb braid and fluero on Shimano raider. I have been using plastics from a company in Qld rhyming with Wobbler. I tried a number of colours in paddletail and grub. 1 major bites on the river side, looked like a decent flatty. dropped. I went down to the bridge but it was chockers and full of Jet skis in the water. Just as I was about to head home at 10.30, bang bit hit by flatty while wading. Measured, dispatched, cleaned and cooked. A decent outing. Tide: Going down Conditions: Sunny but Windy
  3. Sorry, what is "pulsing"? Can you please explain?
  4. Shore, yes. I'll be showing him bait but I've got lures, SPs or I might try something else.
  5. Hi raiders, I am taking a newbie to fishing out this weekend land-based. Due to me needing to be connected over mobile(ruling out Hawkesbury spots like Berowra), I am thinking of visiting places like Cunningham's reach or Burn's bay reserve. Any other recommended spots which have a rock wall, etc and productive spots for fishing. Thanks for the help HP
  6. It's not just the cooking method but eating method. Most of the subcontinent eats rice with hands so with a fish curry, you can remove the bones. One of the most loved fish of that area is also very boney - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilish Another popular fish is actually a type of carp - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rohu
  7. If I did catch them(anywhere), I'll cook them Bengali(Indian/Bangladesh) style full of mustard, turmeric and chilli so wouldn't notice the taste hehe.
  8. I saw a video of Shroom fishing Carp in the Parra River upstream of the ferry in the fresh water. He pulled massive Carp and Koi Carp. I am wondering if it's allowed to fish them at this location and is it safe enough to eat them?
  9. I did buy a few to test after seeing Shroom's Temu video. Having said that, I am new to Jigging so if I can't catch anything, it will be as much a fault of mine as the jigs.
  10. Thanks man. Also, Shore Jigging is a year round activity isn't it?
  11. Seems like it maybe an extremely hot and potentially fiery summer this year. How does the smoke and ash in the air affect the fishing or water in general? I wasn't fishing in 2019 so I am not sure what impact it had on the fishing.
  12. Hi guys, I've been watching Shore Jigging videos using metal jigs. Seems exciting without spending an arm and a leg. What are your tips for it and what's the best wharves in Sydney with deep water(particularly on the Northern Side). Cheers HP
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