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  1. Hey everyone, I recently got interested in fishing with poppers - to target tailors and salmons in the harbour. I've got a medium rod at home and was wondering if anyone can take at a look at it , and suggest whether it would be suitable for poppers. IMG_2848.HEIC IMG_2851.HEIC IMG_2850.HEIC
  2. Hyles

    Yakkas help

    Hey guys, I went to a local wharf yesterday at around 6:30pm to catch some yakkas. I had some success with a bit of chicken fillet cubes on Sabiki rigs and caught 3 yakkas. But after sunset when it was total darkness, the yakkas came into sight just a bit below the surface. I tried bread burley and tried using the chicken cubes on sabiki again, but the yakkas never bit again. I’m not too sure what the problem was. Was it because the yakkas could not see the chicken cubes at night and refused to bite ? Or was it because they simply don’t eat that much at night ? I’m wondering if anyone has had this problem before and could you please suggest what I could do to catch yakkas after darkness.
  3. Hey guys, I have recently tried to catch some yakkas on public wharves in the Sydney harbour- but with no luck, and I was wondering if anyone could give some advice on the time, bait and set up that will ensure a catch. Problem: I have tried using beef mince rolled in bread crumb on a size 8 red worm hook, attached in dropper loop to 6lb line from a kid’s rod. It seems like the bait doesn’t stay on the hook well ( sometimes it detaches as soon as it hits the water surface) I have gone fishing a few times around 7:30pm to night (9:00pm) at a few wharves to the east of the harbour bridge, but could never find the yakkas. Please suggest the set up, bait that I should use, also what time of the day I should go to target yakkas. If you could give any lands based locations, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you so much for the advice, just one last question. Does braid generally work better for lure fishing ? (A salesperson did recommend me buying braid but I have never tried it before, so I chose the high vis green mono instead) .
  5. Hey boss, I have just taken some photos of my gear. First one is a Penn Defiance II 9 foot rod with 25 lb mono line (7500 reel) , second one is a Jarvis Walker 8 ft rod with 20 lb mono line (6000 reel). Please suggest the species that I should target with these set up, and any locations. Thanks ! IMG_2848.HEIC IMG_2851.HEIC IMG_2846.HEIC IMG_2847.HEIC
  6. Hello everyone, I have been fishing in Sydney Harbour for a few years using bait, and recently I have decided to try lure fishing. Could anyone please recommend a landbased spot in Sydney Harbour ( East of the Harbour Bridge) , give some information on the species available and what lures I should cast ? I bought a few Jarvis Walker chrome slice lure and metal stinger lure as I thought they would be suitable for the casting on my 8 foot rod. But I dont know what specices I can target with them and where I should target these fish. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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