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  1. Hey guys been mainly been working on fishing with lures lately so I switched all my reels to braid. Did some bait fishing this weekend and used a running sinker rig. Put a running sinker on my braid, tied a swivel and attached a fluorocarbon leader. Every single time the braid tangled around my sinker due to it being very limp which tangled the leader and caused a horrible mess. I just had to keep cutting everything off. I tried using a split shot but it still tangled. Eventually I just put my sinker on top of the hook but it really turned off the bite because the fish could probably see it. Any suggestions on how to stop this? Thanks
  2. Great session. Want to fish the hacking sometime but don’t have boat. How does it fish land based?
  3. I’ve had a puffer destroy my hook long ago even tho it was a pretty crap one from the five letter department store. I’d suspect it’s that
  4. Could give you tips about the channel if you want. Haven’t ever fished the beach for Jewies but I know there’s some pretty big ones there plenty of people here who can help you
  5. they don’t cross because they see the real estate prices on the east side of the bridge 😂
  6. Just curious, how many of you would actually eat fish from the parramatta river? Any where above Gladesville I definitely wouldn’t eat anything out of but maybe around iron cove or Balmain I wouldn’t mind eating a flatty or very occasionally a bream. I know a lot of people eat everything legal they catch east of the harbour bridge and then as soon as they get on the other side an invisible border appears and they don’t even touch the fish. but it’s not like fish won’t move around a few kilometres. https://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/system/files/media/documents/2022/homebush-bay-dioxin-project-report-2017-03.pdf According to this study the bream from Homebush bay and silver water have a lot of dioxins which obviously makes sense but bream from the lower parramatta river aren’t terribly above the recommended limit (6pg TEQ/g), so I’d assume a flatty or something from these areas would probably be within the limit. Mullet are a different story. Read some posts on this site from a few years ago and there were mixed opinions. Any thoughts ?
  7. Massive mullet and that too on a metal 👏Caught a 30cm model a long time ago on chicken randomly and that was my first and last. People say they aren't great but I remember after bleeding it tasted quite good
  8. Never high stick a graphite rod I learnt that the hard way not sure if that’s what you did
  9. Ye that’s a pretty good observation you might be onto something. Prawn wrigglers are very difficult to get your hands onto compared to other squidgies like wrigglers which can be found almost anywhere
  10. Awesome report @linewetter Squidgie prawn wrigglers are one of my favourite soft plastics especially in the whitebait and estuary prawn colour. My dad once got spiked badly by a flattie. The wound got infected and it was not a good sight. always carry a rag or a lip gripper when going for flathead not worth the risk.
  11. I’d be happy to buy one of those if they go on sale😂
  12. Sweet some massive bream. I’ve fished Lilyfield a few times on the rising tide on soft plastics but didn’t get too much. Might have to try figure out it’s secrets now
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