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Botany Bay 11/02/06

jay power

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hi all

talked my mate into taking his boat out sat morning.hit

the cooks river ramp at 4.30 and headed over to moli point.

there were a few boats there already.

started to burly up and got a few small bream.we only had pillies

and some frozen squid for bait wich we cut into strips.had no hits for

a while.by 6am it was like pitt st with all the boats there.a guy pulls

up near us and proceeds to get 2 kingies.we kept casting strips of squid

toward the green marker for a few hits.i then changed to a sp and proceeded

to flick them towards the marker.after a few casts bang im on.im only using 6lb

gear after about 1 minute the king heads towrds the marker and bang im busted off.

try again,a few more casts bang im hooked again ,it takes some line and :ranting2:

busted again.by now im wishing i brought my 8 kg outfit,get another plastic

cast toward the pole again and whack this felt big,having light gear i just prayed

well that done me no good as this thing striped about 30meteres of line and

busted me on the marker again.well we had no more sps and it was almost time

to leave.

well that was the first time ive hooked kingies and ive learned a lesson dont use

light gear.

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sounds like they were fair size kings. I've been using 6" silver sluggo's with no luck. What sort of sp and jig head were you guys using, sounds like it works well... :thumbup:

maybe better luck next time on heavier gear

cheers wd

all i know is they were pumpkin seed colour flick baits,the jig heads were very light,

hope that helps

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