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Cheap Berkley Sp's


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Hey guys,

Was just cruising back from the city via parramatta rd and noticed a fishing tackle store in auburn that was having a clearance sale.

I had a peek and ended up grabbin a whole bunch of stuff as it was so cheap including berkley sp's for $2 a bag including the power minnows everyones seems to be raving on about here. There was'nt a huge variety of colours (no pumkin seed or watermelon) but quite a few chioces in the range of sp's.

Anyways, just a heads up for those not aware.

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Thanx mate, i live around that way...so i might have to have a look and stock up :thumbup:

Theres a tackle store closer to where i live and they've been selling 3 packs for $10.

Along with squidgies they had those berkley blade dancers (anyone know what fish theyre good for? bream, flatties or pelagics?).


Davy :1fishing1:

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