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Game Fishing Charter


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G'day raiders,

I've had a number of raiders in the recent past express interest about going out on a game fishing charter. I made contact with Ross Hunter (www.gamefishingcharters.com.au), a sponsor of the Fishraider forum to learn a bit more about what they offer.

The charters are currently in Port Stephens and will be back in Sydney mid-April. April is supposed to be an excellent time for Marlin fishing. One can usually expect to catch Marlin (Striped, Black, Blue), Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Tiger Sharks.

The total cost for the charter, accommodating upto 7 people is $1,350, which works out to about $195 per person for a fishing trip that you're unlikely to ever forget!

I haven't gotten any dates off Ross yet, but if I have any takers I will arrange for us to make a firm booking.

Let me know.



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I am interested, been a long time since i hooked up a malin, since somebody I know absconded from sydney and left me high and dry on the big stuff. ( dont worry Ken I wont mention any names LOL) keep me posted Ash :1fishing1:

cheers, Hounddog

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Great, we now have -

Ozeash (me)




I have asked Ross for tentative dates and I will post these when I get them.

3 more places to go......if other raiders are interested, put your name down, quick. They won't last long.



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