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Whats Your Most Favorite And Loved Reel


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Everyone has at least one favorite reel that never gets left at home.

I thought it might be fun and informative to know what every ones best and most loved reel is.

Mine is a shimano stradic 6000FG, I’ve had it for 10 years and I find it excellent to use and easy to service. It has handled everything from bream up to small tuna.

Reason I ask is I’m looking to add another quality reel to my arsenal, and I’m looking for ideas rather than get another stradic. i havn't been in the market for a reel for some time and don't know what is good and what is crap. Is the 2006 Okuma VS 30 a good one?


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i am a big fan of the TLD25 as well....in my mind sahara and aernos oceania series in the 6000 models (have 2 of each) are great reels...they r tough and great 4 reef fishing offshore!!...im not 2 fond of okuma...have had a few fail on me..would never buy one again.. i say stick to wats the best...shimano! :thumbup:



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My stradic 4000 with 10lb fins and the spare aluminium spool with 20lb bionic. If I was only allowed 1 reel for a round Oz trip then this would be it. Can be used for just about anything.

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