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The Entrance


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HAHAHAHAHA I will tell everyone exactly where it was as well :1prop: right in front of bungalow 3 in the Dunleith caravan park :1yikes: Now I have let the (CATFISH OUT OF THE BAG ) :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

Yes I witnessed that with other raiders. This magnificent specimen should be posted in the Fishraider Records section. So if he gets one on fly he will have the trifecta

Here is the pic for those that missed it

post-869-1145712328_thumb.jpg LOSER

Don't pass this on either or there will be thousands of boats and fishos going there :biggrin2:

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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Right there in that picture is the best blackfish/luderick spot (My opinion). It's the bend near the mouth of The Entrance. :1fishing1:

If you fish there, note there is a HUGE current! A favourite landbase spot of mine up that way is the 3rd Jetty at Long Jetty just around the corner from The Entrance. :)

Here is a picture of it I took:


P.S. Here is the catfish I caught not too long ago. It's 66cm & about 3Kg.


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