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Saturday Jew Session (hawkesbury)


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hey guys had one of my best jew sessions today in years on the river the morning started awesomely with two jews landed within 5 minutes.

things quieted for an hour until my 6500 screamed like it never screamed before. running 60lb braid as my main line with a 80lb trace on almost full drag i couldn t stop this monster braking one of my rold holders in the process of trying to pull it out. this was definately a jew and it put a bitter sweet touch to the day. busting me into rocks.

we moved on from there as my dream jew was gone, we ended the day at a pitt st like spot and got a couple more.

4 jew fish were kept miggest going 10.5 gutted whilst the smallest being 5.3. we must have a caught a thousand soapies in between decent bites and a few sharks. all in all it was a great day.

an the last of the 4 jews

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millions of soapies which is a good sign and all back healthy.

god bless mr X fishing charters. top bloke he is.

don t waste time with livies if there at the spots i will use them. otherwise the only bait fresh squid. at 25 a kg its worth it but it becomes quite costly when 95%of the bait goes to stuff half the size of your baits.

2 got filleted and the other two got cut into cutlets.

just ate deep fried jewfish in beer batter.

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