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Sydney Harbour Fad


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Hey guys, as planned went out through the harbour on Sunday for some Dollies, had some new co-ordinates for a private fad around 12 kms out which my mate caught over 40 dollies from on Saturday, largest being 7kg so we were pumped to get there are ripp into them.

Unfortunately all of us slepted in after a big night saturday and we woke up at 9.00am, even though we were late we decided to go anyway and got to the ramp at about 11.00am.

Reached the heads to find perfect conditons, dead calm, hardly no swell and hardly any wind at all

Got there and could not find the fad, search everywhere within a 600 metre radius, just couldnt locate it. so decided to go to the Fisheries fad.

Reached the fad and was surprised to see only 1 boat there, Threw out the yakka's to get zip, wasnt touched at all, then decided to head to the waverider 4 km's from the Fisheries fad, as soon as we reached there we could see them jumping, caught around thirty before our yakkas ran out. sizes were not as big as i had hoped, Largest being around 50cm but averaging around the 45cm mark.

On our way back in my mate decided to throw out his $120 marlin lure to see what happens, as we were going back past the Fisheries Fad all we hear is the Tiagra 80 start screaming, turn around to see what looked like a Stripy in the air, First time a marlin was hooked on my boat and i was pumped, and then as quik as it started it ended with it coming off around a minute later

Trolled around for an hour or so with no hits, all in all not a bad day, not as good as the botany boys had.

sorry got no pics due to my mobile battery being dead.

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