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Yakka's And Squid In Sydney Harbour?


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Hi Raiders,

just wondering if anyone can assist me with some locations to gather some live bait in Sydney harbour, i have never fished the harbour before and will be doing so in the comming weeks.

Anywhere close to the rose bay ramp is good?



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Yep - the Rose Bay ramp.

Seriously, there is a huge school of yakkas that hangs around the wharf at Rose Bay. I often go there at night to stock up on yakkas.

They're crafty little buggers though, as every man and their dog has thrown a line at them, so line must be as light as possible (6lb max). Best bait is minced beef, believe it or not, and you can forget the multiple hook rigs.

There are also squid around the wharf - but they piss of once the sun is up.


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Mate mondo got it spot on, at night there are plenty of Yakkas at rose bay but for some reason they are smarter then normal yakkas. They can really stress you out, best thing to do is wait till sun up and go to cliffo, burley hard and you will get heaps, but any wharf in the harbour will produce yakkas.

Squid is a different story, good squid spots are like gold mate and rarely given out, as mondo stated you can get squid at rose bay at night but some nights they can be really hard to get, another place to try is Balmoral wharf, but that wharf does get plenty of squidders there as it is very well known, you can also try the eastern side of spit bridge.

Other than that cannot reveal anymore, good luck

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Netics'already mentioned it, but the spit although pretty heavily squidded is still pretty good.

Drift through the channel and once you are past all the lights motor back up and start another drift.

Also worthwhile having a second squid jig on a paternoster rig just sitting in a rod holder as you drift and cast.

Other spots I have found successfull are around balmoral island, south head up against the rocks near lady jane beach, around quarantine bay, just look for the patches of kelp.

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