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Fads And Dollies - Take #2


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Hi guys, sorry about the previous report. It came up with an error when I went to submit it and I didn't realise that the title had gone through. Hopefully this works ok...

Headed out yesterday chasing these elusive Dollies for the first time. Out through the heads at 6.30, beautiful morning, but by the time we got to the FAD off Manly, the wind had picked up and it was getting a bit bumpy. There was 5-6 small boat out there plus 3 charter boats. Everyone was drifting around the FAD but appeared to be doing no good, or at lease I didn't see anyone boat anything.

We trolled various minnows, drifted whole and 1/2 pils weghted and un weighted, did everything we could think of for a total of 1 trevally! :1badmood:

We headed back in along with most others to get out of the wind, but apart from some rubbish reef fish, no success apart from a lone jacket.

1. It was my first time after dollies.... any suggestions about what else I could have done, or was I doing things right?

2. Did anyone do any good outside yesterday? If everyone dipped out maybe it was just a bad day......

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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i dont think you did much wrong.

to add to harakas

"there were plenty around yesterday"

this may have something to do with it

the warm water is just about. . goooooowwwwnnn.

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Guest Big-Banana

Seasons just about over, they will begin to become few and far between. Water temp was only 20.5 when I was there Saturday due to the sou' wester :thumbdown:

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Hey buddy, mate i was out there on sunday aswell, i got there around 7.30am so i would have been one of the boats you saw, my plans were to go to the waverider another 5 kms away from the registered fad but it was way too choppy so decided to go back in.

I havent caught a dollie from that FAD for a few weeks, its only good in the middle of the season as the water is only 50 metres deep and it is a little too close to shore.

The waverider is another 5 kms out and the water is around 95 metres deep, much better numbers and sizes and the waverider is not as well known so you seem to get it to yourself most of the time.

So in closing you did nothing wroung you just got there a month too late, if you wanna get dollies this time of year you will have to visit the BB wide FAD or get some co-ordinates for some private fads or waveriders.

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