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Jewies And A Surprise


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Hello raiders,

Got away from the usual SP hijinks and went outside on Saturday night to target some Jewies

with the old Master. It was a beautiful night with both the bar and the bay as flat as a table. Picked up

some livies (mostly rather large slimies and a neat Yakka) than ducked out to one of his Gun spots.

We put out 2 slimies out the back and than the old master scupperd up the front to drop down his Yakka

on his Schnapper out fit. He calls out, "I've touched bottom"...pause....Than bugger me he bellows out

"I'm on, I'm on" This thing has come from the depths crashed through the glassy surface about 15 metres

away and that got the old master real excited. Straight away Schnapper and Jewies were ruled out....

too late in the season for bills... maybe a Spanish Mack!! Well after a ding-dong battle on his light Schnapper

outfit he finally brings a P.B Cobia to heel besides the boat. I drive the gaff in and aboard she comes......

Yeehaa :thumbup::thumbup:. You wouldn't believe his next two drops exactly the same thing happened

only this time Jewies were on the end instead of Cobia. All three of us bagged out in well under an hour

with the final total being 6 jewies and a bloody nice Cobia that was a real surprise.


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Top sesh there mate well done. Those fish would go down a treat I love fresh jewies and the cobe would top it all off perfectly. I love giving fresh fish to my family and friends its soooo much better than stuff you buy at the markets. Keep those reports coming :thumbup:

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sounds like a good you had a good fish. well done, i only wish that when i went out a couple of weeks ago, all night, that i had caught that many jewies let alone 1!! i lost 2 but you get that.

anyway good stuff :thumbup::1prop:

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Geez it's a secret ... :) must be outside of Sydney :) offshore...

Bait didn't include the famous squid...hummm

Cobia tastes better than Jew?

Ps sharing fish with family and friends is very ok Im just curious. God willing we'll all have a great day like that in our lifetime :)

No No, No secret do all my fishing out of South West Rocks these days and in the Macleay river.

Bait didn't include squid. All caught on Livies, although I do use squid in the river from time to time

when livies are hard to get or time doen't permit. But my main joy is plastics and hardbodies.

Interesting footnote. There was a topic not long back on that giant squid found by a member.

There were some giant squid found up here on the weekend as well.

One of them we saw back at the boat ramp and the bloke said he caught it

and two other blokes said they found a couple of floaters as well.....bloody

massive candles and a beak bigger than a Cockatoo.

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No No, No secret do all my fishing out of South West Rocks these days and in the Macleay river.

Top catch mate. Heard those cobes put up a hell of a fight.

Will be up at SWR/Hat Head for a week from Saturday and hopefully get on the cobes and bluefin. Will be having a night jew sesh so hopefully we can pull a monster that this area is renowned for (would be great as my PB is about 42cm...) Perhaps we should pay the Macleay a visit..... :1naughty:

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