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Btr 4500b For Beach Fishing?


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Hi folks,

Can i use my Shimano 4500B for beach/surf fishing???

I was thinking of using it for the weekend, but was worries that it will damage my reel e.g sand getting into the reel.

Or should i just stick to the combo i got and leave my BTR 4500B at home for better use???

Cheers :)

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Not everyone will agree with me on this, but I say use it.

I use a 6500B off the beach about once a week and it is still in perfect condition. I absolutely love my beach fishing.

The trick, i find, is to take a sand spike with you - and stick it in the sand near your tackle box. That way when you're re-rigging and baiting there's no chance of your reel falling in the sand.

Even if it does fall in the sand it is NOT the end of the world. The drag system in the baitrunners is basically waterproof, so there's literally no chance of sand getting in there. Mine has fallen in the sand many times and I just tap all the sand out that I can, keep on fishing, and then give it a good flush with fresh water when I get home.

I'm sure there are some who will tell you this is bad advice, and I dunno maybe it is, but as I say my reels are in great condition despite heavy and frequent beach use.


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Guest Saqa

Go for it mate. Wont be easy to get sand in the internals. Give it a good rinse afterwards and any sand which remains stuck in the outside nooks and crannies will give it character

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