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Spit Bridge


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Howdy all,

Fished the spit last arvo/night thinking there might be a few hungry jewies about in the dirty water. the water was brown from tunks park to the bridge an clean after that.

i couldn't manage to raise a squid and had a devil of a time finding any yakkas. finally got onto a school off the island at balmoral after feeding the sweep for 20 minutes.

Anyway, back towards the bridge. No action at the public morings so i tried the bridge itself at the top of the tide. Not much there but usual schools of tailor splashing on the surface. tried the western side on the runout and the poor little livies were nervous straight away. pulled in a descent greenback at 45cm and bled him for the plate tonight. then the rod gave a good buckle and another poor little yakka was off to meet his maker. the tailor fought for a wee bit before heading straight up. Out of the water he came like an inter-continental ballistic missile from a sub. Must have jumped 2 feet straight up.

he was lip hooked and netted rather clumsily. went 55cm and had a big gut on him. he got to live again as i allready had 1 for the pot.

No jewies, yet again. I have fished this spot numerous times and scarcely had a run. in fact, i have had my boat for 9 months and the biggest fish yet is about a kilo. all my biggies come from the land. :05:

Still a nice session though. love it when there is not a breath on the water. (and not a trailor in the car park at tunks either.)

Cheers all

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Good to see the tailor still hanging around under the bridge. Good fun on the light gear and great on the plate.

I spent many a night as a young teenager drifting about under the bridge in our little tinny powered by plank paddles and spinning up the tailor that sat under the lights.



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The tailor seem a better class size this year... the 40cm-60cm models seem to be every where. Good news for those that eat em... or those of us who use em as jew bait :074::074::074:

hey Kevvie,

I have used tailor as jew bait, but only fresh from the water, and preferably still bleeding. How do you find them as frozen bait?


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