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Outside Sydney 8/7/07


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Hi all , decided to hit sydney today for bottom bash outside with 10yo son Caige. Water was terible and had to stay in close to avoid chop and wind. Did some drifts with sea anchor out over close reefs for some Mowie fun and other reefie critters. Caige nailed me today catching most fish and some nice Mowies (his first). Check out Rod action in pics he loves it. :biggrin2:post-1870-1152341763_thumb.jpgpost-1870-1152341821_thumb.jpgpost-1870-1152341870_thumb.jpgpost-1870-1152342033_thumb.jpg

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Fantastic - Love the action shot. Craige looks like he knows what he's doing - good to see!! :thumbup::thumbup:

Caige has a bit to learn but picking it up well he gets upset now if i go outside with mates and leave him home. Cant have him showing up me though :mad3:

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