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Hawkesbury 10/07/06


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G'day raiders

Bit quiet for the first few hours.

Fist time out fishing after a two week break.

Got lucky and picked up two Hairtail.

Weather good, wind slight.

Usual tailor, yakka, small reds etc.

Pics of hairies





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Guest maraudingmado

Took a houseboat out for the weekend and didn't even sight one. Tried the usual spots for ZILCH!!!! A few good bream was all that was caught. Went off Barrenjoey outside for a few leatheries and couldn't even get them. Got some slimies, small reddies and a couple of flathead. Had livies out but they didn't get touched.

You've heard of the "Horse Whisperer" now meet the "Fish Scarer" :mad3::thumbdown::(

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Guest Mulloway Mayhem

well done inhlanzi

see mate persistance pays off you hung out there for a bit longer and bang 2 nice hairies

good onya

cheers wayneo

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Ok Ok Ok Inhlanzi spill the beans mate, where you buying all these Hairies from?? :074: Your on fire champ, Congrats on another great effort..seriously I know a few blokes who've chased them for years and never turned a reel :ranting2:

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