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Jigging Kingfish


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I've been fishing Broken Bay for a few years now and was wondering if someone could help me out with a few spots to Jig Kings? My understanding is that this time of year they tend to head out wide to the deeper reefs. I've seen a few reports of guys picking them up on the Pearch grounds but have now idea where they are.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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I havent done this for many years, but did spend 3 winters jigging kings at the banks. The new type knife jigs look interesting but we used to use large maverick lures. Remove the trebble hooks and replace them with 2 7'0 hooks.

We drifted across the area we wanted to jig, dropped to the bottom and jig up like hell. This area varies in depth a lot. Usually there were three of us in the boat and we would take turns with one jigging up one dropping down and one having a break. If we hooked up we tried to just keep driffing the same drift back and forward over the same spot.

You need serious gear for this type of fishing.

You are intending hook large kings close to the reef and your are going to hook them in the mouth. Locking up the drag and hanging on will hurt unless you have a good gimble harness. I have personally seen some very bruised human tackel from this method of kingy fishing.

If you cannot stop the fish and you do not wish to release it, you can try and jig them with a bait, when the fish takes it let him swim away and swallow it. You will slow him down a lot quicker if the hook is set deep.

Our method was to rig 24Kg stand up with a two rod length double and 50Kg Jinki leader. A big bean lead straight to the hooks. Two snelled 7'0. Rig a slimy dead bait and drop it the bottom wind up about 5 meters and jig the bait up and down while drifting across the reef.

Not sure if this help.


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