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To Burley Or Not To Burley


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was just wondering what peoples ideas are on burleying.

i mainly target jewfish but on the odd chance i go for other species i tend to use the same method and thats not to burley.(exluding cubing for reds)

i find when burleying you attract every bit of trash in the water and the species you target tend to become a bye catch.

i noticed lately people have been stressing the fact to use burley. is that due to the season being winter where the fish are not as active or is it something that goes on year round

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I usually burley, if you are getting the pickers then you can try larger and tougher baits to keep them at bay for a while. That said I burleyed for four hours on a rising tide at Gladesville bridge the other day and had two hits (no hook ups) for the day, hence no fishing report.


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Mate i persoanlly think that you berley depending on what fish you target, if i was chasing jews i wouldnt burley, mainly because i use squid and peckers would come and eat away at it, if im chasing Trevs, Snapper or livies i definately burley.

I think you would find that everyone has a personal preference.

Mate pm Wayneo ( mulloway Mayhem) who is a jewie specialist and ask him the question, he gets jews on a regurlar basis and whatever he does will work.

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