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First Report

Rodney Muscat

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hello fellow fishos first time report but it is not great after not being out on the water for four months due to a new baby being bornwhich is not a bad thing.Finally got out onto the bay full of anticipation went milo point for live bait heaps of slimies. headed out trawlling for an hour and a half with no luck tried livies and lures.Thought i would do some bottom bashing jackets everywhere but also caught 2 mowies and some nannygai two my surprise in about 60m of water.Went back in to catch some trev due to the fact got sick of rerigging.anchoured up after 1hr caught few trevs on slimies strips thought flick some softies about motor wouldnt kick over got towed back in by two top blokes.So it was over all one of those days.cant complain caught some fish. :1prop::1prop::1prop::05:

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Guest Dont Shoot Da Chinamen

congrats on the new born :yahoo:

nice report and good to see that your out enjoying fishing while we are at work :(

i was going to go out but... due to the :wife: demands.....

have to as i am told :mad3:

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