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Spoon Bay


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Hi all.

Went out to Spoon Bay (Central Coast) yeaterday to try for some tailor, sambos etc on the high tide.

Got there bout an hour before, rigged up my beach rod (paternoster rig, 3/0 gangs on two droppers), baited with some pillies and cast out into the calmest piece of water I could find.

The beach was really ripping, very rough. Managed to get some runs but no hook ups.

After the rain pelted me for about an hour and a half, :1badmood: and with no fish, I gave the rest of my pillies to the ocean and went home - fishless :thumbdown:

Anyway, I wet a line so it wasn't all bad. Might try some creek mouths tomorrow, after the rain theres bound to be some action happening there!!


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Hi Ant,

Gotta say that spoon bay is one of my favourite spots on the Central Coast. Spent most of my growing years up that way and cut my teeth fishing the Brisbane Water and surrounding beaches. Bad luck on the day but you're right to say that its great to wet a line. I live in the Blue Mountians now and don't get to wet a line as much as I would like.

Keep at it hope to see you on the coast sometime.

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