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Hi guys.

Just got a plastic sit-on type kayak for paddling around Bris Water, but want to fit it out with some accessories so I can fish / troll from it.

Can anyone give me some advice? You can buy some rod holders and stuff but i'm looking at doing a cheaper DIY job - cash is limited as im a uni student.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Here is a link to my kayak - "Viking NEMO"



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G'day Ant.

I have seen some guys around who use milkcrates strapped on the back of their Kayak. You can then attach angled rod holders or PVC tubing for trolling and straight ones for storing your rods and also give you room to put your gear in.


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Thanks. I googled "kayak rod holders" and it seems that if you dont want to drill into your hull (which I dont) then the humble milk crate is the go. Still, I would like to see some setups to get some ideas....

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