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Botany Bay 22/23


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Hit the bay yesterday arvo and caught some livies at the drums and also a flounder on a soft plastic.

Went under Tom Ugly's Bridge for a jewfish.No jewies but I caught a keeper bream,a good flathead and a good whiting.There were alot of bream around but they were just short of legal length.

It got really cold early in the morning and when the fog lifted I dragged myself from the warmth of the cabin

and headed off the lighthouse to do abit of bottom fishing.There were heaps of sweep and little leatherjackets but I persisted and caught some trevally,a couple of snapper,a mowie and some better jackets.It was a great day out and I ended up with a nice mixed bag and a good feed.Picture of the catch


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mate top catch there nice mixed bag. did you watch #%$%^&(* fish under the bridge there. i never thought that system was so productive with jews. he must have bagged about 6 of them in the program all roughly 6 - 12kg.

i wonder if we are starting to see the results of the jewfish that fisheries added to the area a couple of years ago

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Thanks Swordfisherman and James.

James I did watch that episode.I think it was shot in late summer.Jewfish captures in the bay are more consistent during the warmer months.In winter alot less fish are caught but they are better quality fish.

I think the jewfish fishing has improved in the bay since the stockings especially on the smaller jewfish

and I think they are abit more widespread in the bay now.

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i had spoken to him probably 2 months ago and he had just finished filming that episode. so it definately wasn t summer but the water temp was considerably higher then, then its is now.

i never really fished down that way as i am from the other shire that being baulkham hills, therefore i am a hawkesbury man, but its opened my eyes to the area and may give it a go in the near future.

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