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Hello Fishraiders,

I want to purchase a set of out riggers for my boat. I need some advice.

Firstly my boat is a 5.7m quintrex half cabin.

I have a few questions.

What brands of outriggers are out there? Whats the best?

What type of mounting to get?

What length poles should I get, what about telescopic?

What angle should they be mounted?

I was thinking of mounting them to the side of the cabin, above the boat name (see avatar), would this be suitable?

What release mechanism to use? Rubber bands or clips?

What sort of price am I looking at?

Is there someone I can purchase these from and get them to install aswell (also need a couple of more rod holders)


Does anyone live southern sydney that has outriggers installed that i could have a look at?

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I have heard of the solas ones breaking, I wouldn't trust them, the mounting area is tiny.

reelax are the way to go or something from the usa. The pakula website has a some good articles on outriggers.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

I also thought the bases on the solas looked a bit small and would put alot of pressure on a small area.

What do you think about the mounting position i had in mind on the side of the half cabin?

Do you guys have your poles angled slight backwards or straight out?

What length would be the go?


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I would mount them as high as possible and straight out with a balance between good tip height and spread. Run tag lines too with your lures. Around 11-14ft is a good size for that boat. The reelax poles are expensive, buy some pacific composite poles, I have been told they are the same product just double the price!!

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