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Who Is Going To Watch The Ashes ?


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Being the son of British migrants i admit having a soft spot for most of their sporting teams, cricket is no exception. It is a game i have loved playing and watching all my life.

I must be honest and say i took alot of satisfaction watching the Aussies finally lose a series in 2004 , however i do not hold any hope for this touring English side . The fact that in my belief the Aussies are UNBEATABLE at home and that England is SHI'TE away from home , not to mention the injury woes of England has lead me to make a bold prediction for a 4-0 whitewash in the series

( Im only giving the Poms a draw in one game because i think the weather will spoil the party....most likely in Sydney knowing my luck)

Not sure how ticket sales are going but an idea crossed my mind , FR cricket fans should go out to the VB series day nighter in sydney ( either vs the poms or kiwis)

Cant imagine a better way to spend a day, drinking warm beer and coming home with sunburnt knee's :1prop:

Cant wait for summer , bring on the warmth, bring on the :beersmile: bring on the beach and surfing and bring on THOSE GLORIOUS SUMMER SPECIES..... ( fingers r crossed my nickname can be changed at some point this summer :biggrin2: )

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Circket is a great sport, love watching one dayers, by the way we lost the ashes in 2005 not 2004

Cant see england having even a glimmer of hope now, even if the ashes were in England, we need to lose the ashes to bring us back down to earth.

Now all the players no how crap that felt and will never wanna experience that again

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