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Salmon Session


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Hi Raiders,

Long time since last post - the first fish I have had for about 3 months ... busy with work, friends getting married, 3rd child due in a month... excuses excuses. Anyway here is the report.

Wednesday morning my son and I headed out to a calm and quiet harbour.

Trolling around middle head and dobroyd produced nothing. We spotted some birds flocking over the water near north head so that's where we headed. The salmon schools were about and we had them all to ourselves! After a frustrating hour or so and numerous lure changes we finally got one! Gee they go hard on 6lb mono! My boy had a go at bringing it in but he handed the rod back and said that I should bring it in and he will net it - too heavy for him. Then got another before the wind came up and some other boats came and the schools dissapeared. Also got a trevally on a metal slug which sank under the salmon.

The lure that worked a treat is pictured - unweighted 3 inch stickbait - not sure of brand.

After that headed to dobroyd pt and anchored up in about 13 m on the edge of the reef (roughly where the 4 markers intersect - a bit closer to the eastern one). Burleyed hard for a couple of hours, using pillie baits only got yakkas and a lone slimy mackeral. Dissapointing. Put a live yellowtail down for nothing. First time baitfishing dobroyd - any tips on where exactly to try? It is a pretty big reef system.

One more thing to note - at the ramp on my return I spoke to a fellow who got a legal King on a yakka off north head and was busted off by something bigger - big king maybe?






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Hi One Last Cast, Can i ask where you got live yellow tail i must be the worst at fishing for livies but i suppose i do hate it ,but would like some help with areas in sydney as lately just wasting my time Thanks Oh Yeh Great pics of Tin Lids my kid wouldnt smile for pic even if i showed him choclate. SORRY FOR QUESTION JUST READ ANSWER IN REPORT SILLY ME

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Guest fishrunner

Sounds like a great day out there One Last Cast, well done on the sambo's :thumbup: .

Those 3inch minnows always seem to pull the sambo's if they arn't taking metals!

good to see a couple of keen youngsters havin a ball


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Hey one last cast I was out there as well on wednesday.I congratulated you on a good fish. You may remember my white trailcraft with my 3 year old son. I didn't know you were a fellow raider!

By the way we got a couple of salmon as well as a few trevally on small stick baits. After that session on salmon we went and got a couple squid and caught a few kingies. The largest was just over 80cm so it was good fun. My son had a ball reeling in all the fish so it was a good day.

It seems like the harbour is doing Ok now that the pros are kicked out!



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