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Syd Habour Clifton Gardens/hen And Chicken


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headed out on boat hire at 9am meet up with Ronald (crystallier) and yeh he went to the wedding cakes and i jsut tried the deep part of clifton gardens. this was my first time on the boat and OMG i cant believe how many hookups u get. My friend hooked up a legal trevally haha i think thats his first legal fish. Anywayz we kept getting hookups, 2 of my rods were on fire! 1 fish per 5 mins, nailing soo many pinkies. and then i caught these weird snake/sea cucumber like creature that keeps twirling around and making itself into a knot but i didnt wanan take it and shook it off my hook LOL it was scary though cuz i thought it was a sea snake. Caught a few near legal pinkie later and a whiting, and flathead.

After that we were ALL SEASICK! lol rocking inside a tinnie for 2 hours isnt good. So yeh i was throwing up so much and while i was driving the boat back i was spewing again. LOL how embarassing, i will need to take the pills next time.

Anywayz headed to Hen and chicken Bay after we decided to do some land base fishing, after hearing all these reports here on how good HC. Went to that park at the end of burwood road and fishing from the wharf. And OMG this is my first FLATHEAD and also FIRST FISH ON SP! so proud of myself then used bloodworms and caught a whiting.

IT was a very great day prob caught over 18 fishes together. Water was crystal clear and no wind and warm water, if you missed out today goodluck for tomro!

happy fishing!


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me after throwing up caught this flathead... maybe my vomit acted as burley lol :thumbup:


my friend brian


the numberous hookups of pinkies, i think theres a school down there


Tigershark, nah it was not a eel for sure, i know wat eels look like.

Just think of a long leech that is like a round sasage and it just has fangs at the mouth of the creature, no eyes no nothing, just a mouth and a body. and it has the same pattern as the flatheads but yellowish :1prop:

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good stuff mate great feeling catching your first specie of fish and it seems you were busy most of the day so thumbs ups

to bad about getting sick maybe you may have to invest in some travel calm

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in fact the spewing didnt bother me much, i was just catching and spewing, catching and spewing. LOL it was just my friends that wanted to go back so yeh haha cant help it. It was funny how wen i was driving the boat back i was driving and spewing driving and spewing. so funny wen i think about it LOL quite disgusting though. sorrie about making u guys hear my sick story.

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