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Tricking Up Tackle


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I have been fishing a Shimano Trinidad 12, mated to a Saltiga Hirshima PE4 Rod with 40lb braid. When setting the drag, I pretty much tighten it as much as possible, cause it can't even push 10kg of drag.

I recently have been busted up fairly easily by some resident kings so I am looking to beef it up.

Have any of you tried the Carbontex drag washers available through Jack Erskine? If so, were you happy with how much drag they push? Do people have alternatives, say yumeya from Japan etc?

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Carbontex drags are great. Use them in my abu7500c3, and also have a set to put into my torium30, which has an erskine top plate drag plate already. The erskine stuff is pretty good. Give him a call and ask him what the reel can push out when using them. For me, so far so good.

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