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Palm Beach. 17th


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The Maltese Falcon and I went up to Palmy this morning hoping for a few Bream. Well with the N.W. wind blowing which made it a bit hard on our little point with the wind putting a belly in our line ,and just on low tide with not much water in our little hole,but hey no excuses .

The Falcon putting a bit of Burley in...


Bites were a bit scarce and we had to work hard for 1 Silver Drummer-released(I thought I had the mother of all Bream)1 Black Drummer-released /undersized, a few Wrasse -released and 3 Bream with 1 released as we thought it was the only one we were going to get and it was only a bit over the legal limit .

The couple of Bream we ended up getting


Pretty poor effort but "Better Then Work"


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You got a couple of fish so yeah better then work and even if you didn't look at the beautiful sunrise. Looks nice!

As i sit here watching the sun come up over buildings @ work in sunny smithfield.......

Gee i would rather be here!!! :mfr_lol:

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